SynthPop and Electro Music

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Electro is all about a driving drum machine beat with many different cool synthesizer riffs, as well as a groovy bass line. The theory would be to achieve a sci-fi sound in the track. Use heavy levels of Distortion, delay, reverb, phase and chorus to produce robotic sounding vocals and instrumentation.

With only a few loops, and some good effects work you can create some really good Electro tracks. Utilizing a vocoder or effects to obtain a Stephen Hawking type voice, for vocals is another cool method.

Make an effort to give attention to your synth work. the remainder of the instruments are actually in the back seat on the synthesizer.

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If you have ever heard a young "MTV Era" band like Flock of Seagulls, a-ha, devo, which crowd, then you've got heard Synth Pop. Its very like Electro, except the main focus is a bit more typically "pop" as an alternative to robotic, it's also; generally speaking, slower paced.

Devo had a more Punk mentality. Thomas Dolby was the first real 'geek' pop star. Synthpop uses each of the classic instruments of pop and pop rock, though the synthesizer could be the dominate instrument being used.

Consider 'I Ran So Far', it uses typical pop melodies, instruments and is paced like a pop song. Yet; in the event you be aware, the song is driven by the simple synthesizer melody played. 'Cars' by Gary Numan has become the apex of your SynthPop track. The harder robotic feel, processing about the instruments and increased exposure of the synth is pure synthpop classic.

To produce synthpop you need to first listen to some 80's new wave groups, then try Savage Garden and jameriqaui. While not regarded as a SynthPop group jameriqaui uses the muse of synth a great deal, which makes for good idea fodder.

To develop the tracks, keep the synth in the foreground with vocals. If you're a bit of good, which has a synthesizer you'll be able to substitute any, and instruments with synth versions. Utilize the synth instead of charge guitar.

I am going to say its difficult to produce synthpop without having to be capable of playing a synthesizer good enough to make it happen all, or developing a band to back you up. Though a little bit of creativity, you're able to do anything with loops.